Crew Capsule

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Crew Capsule

space capsule is an often-crewed spacecraft that uses a blunt-body reentry capsule to reenter the Earth’s atmosphere without wings. Capsules are distinguished from satellites primarily by the ability to survive reentry and return a payload to the Earth’s surface from orbit. Capsule-based crewed spacecraft such as Soyuz or Orion are often supported by a service or adapter module, and sometimes augmented with an extra module for extended space operations. Capsules make up the majority of crewed spacecraft designs, although one crewed spaceplane, the Space Shuttle, has flown in orbit.

Current examples of crewed space capsules include SoyuzShenzhouOrionStarliner, and Dragon 2. Examples of new crew capsules currently in development include Orel and Gaganyaan. Historic examples of crewed capsules include VostokMercuryVoskhodGemini, and Apollo. A crewed space capsule must be able to sustain life in an often demanding thermal and radiation environment in the vacuum of space. It may be expendable (used once, like Soyuz) or reusable. SOURCE

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